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Mom business owners are some of the smartest, most creative people out there.

From thinking ten steps ahead to handling challenges gracefully, you use many of the same superpowers as a parent that you do as an entrepreneur. But shifting back and forth between “work brain” and “mom brain” can feel like a constant struggle. And when a project schedule shifts, your toddler gets the flu, or your teen is struggling—it can feel like everything is about to go down.  

Each chapter of parenthood and every year of your business's evolution require something different from you. Reinvention is a must to continue doing what you love, being present with your kids, and earning the income you need. 

Learning On-the-Go


Want to get started, but not quite ready to commit to the services above? I got you! Check out the Entrepreneurial Pocket Guides collection for targeted, concentrated information about essential business topics delivered straight to your earbuds. 

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You deserve a business that feeds your soul, fills your wallet, and fits your life. 

When you work with me to grow your business, you’ll never have to hide your “mom” side. Instead, we’ll map out a growth strategy that acknowledges the realities of your world and reflects your values. 

You can count on me to: 

  • Hold space for what's hard, always listening with empathy and curiosity

  • Help you build a realistic, actionable plan with motherhood in mind

  • Support you as you grow your business on your terms

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While I know my story and struggles are a common theme among working moms, I felt Michelle had a tremendous ability to see me and understand me as an individual.

As an entrepreneurial mother herself, Michelle fully understands the nuances of the work-mom-life balance and the struggle of that balance. What I loved most about working with Michelle was that instead of encouraging a girl boss mentality and a deeper dig in, she emphasized the need for play and nurturing myself in order to make more space and flow in my life.

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Ready to take your business to the next level on your terms?

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