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Business Growth Consulting

Three-Month Consulting Engagements

Investment $2,500+

What to expect:

Over three months, we'll examine the factors keeping you stuck in overwhelm, then build a plan to take your business to the next level. You’ll finally have the roadmap and the support to get serious about growing your business in a way that lets you be present with your family and carve out time for yourself. It seems like a dream, but it’s about to get real! 

Business growth consulting engagements involve weekly, 60-minute meetings in-person or via Zoom. Your specific needs will guide us as we move through these three phases. 

Analyze Your Current State

You’ll identify the aspects of your business that are unsustainable or keeping you up at night. 

Outline Your Ideal State

We’ll explore what you want your time to look like, your financial goals, and the values that guide your work and life. 

Create and Follow the Map 

Leveraging 15+ years of corporate experience, training in Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead approach, and in-the-trenches experience as a mom entrepreneur, I’ll help you create and implement a strategic growth plan that fits the realities of your life. 

Three-month consulting engagements begin at $2,500

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