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Speaking Engagements

Inspire the audience at your next event!
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Michelle A. Mercier on Stage

As an expert in building businesses, growing teams and cultivating resilience through adversity, I’m able to tailor every speaking engagement into one that will inform, inspire, and motivate your audience to take action. With a degree in music & theater and professional training as an actress, I have been performing on stages since grade school. Which is how I know that no matter the audience, the most important thing is creating a meaningful connection. I’m able to do exactly that by bringing real life scenarios and lessons to the forefront of every speaking topic. Leaving audiences reinvigorated and ready to take their talents to the next level.

Michelle is a Veteran of the Stage


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Speaking Engagements Tailored to your Audience

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Redefining Resilience

Through adversity, humans become wired with an increasing level of resilience. But what happens when you feel like you have taken one too many hits? How do you get back up and who do you turn to for help? Whether personal or professional – you’ll receive inspiration and education on how to treat the challenges in front of you as speed bumps NOT roadblocks.

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Strategies to Take Back Your Schedule

In today’s world, balance feels unattainable, and our schedules do not feel like our own. We’re faced with an increasing “to-do” list as responsibilities in the workplace and at home increase. This talk explores how integration instead of balance can decrease your stress level. You will leave with techniques you can implement today to help you feel more productive and in control.

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Putting Yourself at the Top of Your “To Do” List

Women are the caretakers, the schedule makers, and a lot of times – the glue that holds everyone together. Those tasks usually come with a “To Do” list that is a mile long especially if you're running a business. What happens when YOU are no longer on that list? This session will help you better understand your needs and how to keep them as a #1 priority. 

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Navigating the Mental Pressure of Business

Never underestimate the mental pressure of pursuing goals. Whether you’re trying to raise a family or chase your own goals – the best strategies will fail if not paired with a commitment to creating connection, self-awareness, & mental toughness. This talk will provide inspiration, as well as the tools to release the pressure valve and achieve success.

"Michelle is a powerhouse keynote speaker on her own merits. She is a storyteller and a teacher. Her speech was the perfect combination of heart and head."

Debra Woog, Crisis Navigation Partner

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